Amazing Battle Creatures Wiki

I'm planning to revive it.

But different.

This time, it's going to be The Original game combined with Super Mario 3D World. AND POKEMON. For Pokemon, I mean, sometimes, when roaming around in fire or something else, you might encounter a monster.

Well, let's do this!


Oh yeah, there's going to be three monsters per double type. One Common, One Uncommon, One Rare.

On Rock to Air, all Common-types have five stages.

Common-type lines

  • Blazoid -> Kelvin -> Charlok -> Magmordus
  • Aquid -> Drizzlen -> Aqualynn -> Hydranne
  • Vinepup -> Sapler -> Vinegroth -> Kudzoo
  • Ronut -> Rocky -> Rolly -> Rumbly -> Bouldren
  • Joltix -> Rabawatt -> Zabbit -> Volthare -> Teslare
  • Mavrik -> Slider -> Goose -> Jester -> Sundown
  • Bebit -> Gebit -> Cebit -> Obit
  • Bahamutt -> Wyrmutt -> Drogtil -> Dracius
  • Volug -> Vorm -> Terramancer -> Grixen

Uncommon-type lines

OK this time there's two. Some of them are new, that's indicated with Bold.


  • Foamix -> Steamix -> Steamlord -> Steamking
    • Foamix: Foamix is weak and fragile, but later, he won't be.
    • Steamking: Steamlord has evolved into a higher level, now with extra steam.


  • Bubbly -> Meboil -> Sirlav -> Eruquee
    • Bubbly: Bubbly is actually weaing a mask.
    • Meboil: She still wears her mask, but this time, even cuter. That's actually good.
    • Sirlav: Deciding to take off the mask, she attempts this. This only results in her face lose.
    • Eruquee: She regained her face, and is now the queen of lava. She makes the fire ocean, and punishes anyone who pollutes the fire ocean with her dreadful scalding water trident.
  • Monol -> Morphdin -> Neptech -> Selkimono
    • Monol: Monol wears a monofin. She was so tempted into this and she never takes this out. Something's happening to her...
    • Morphdin: Monol evoles into Morhpdin. She suddenly realizes she is slowly turning into a mermaid with that monofin. She can't move her legs often.
    • Neptech: Trying to find a solution, She takes it off. That makes it worser. She's considered a 3/4 mermaid now. 
    • Seikimono: Neptech has realized that she will die if she didn't wear that monofin. She wore it, and she became a 4/4 mermaid. She can punish anyone who pollutes the tech ocean by using her liquid nitrogen hose that is connected to a tank.