• MrYokaiAndWatch902

    I'm planning to revive it.

    But different.

    This time, it's going to be The Original game combined with Super Mario 3D World. AND POKEMON. For Pokemon, I mean, sometimes, when roaming around in fire or something else, you might encounter a monster.


    Oh yeah, there's going to be three monsters per double type. One Common, One Uncommon, One Rare.

    On Rock to Air, all Common-types have five stages.

    • Blazoid -> Kelvin -> Charlok -> Magmordus
    • Aquid -> Drizzlen -> Aqualynn -> Hydranne
    • Vinepup -> Sapler -> Vinegroth -> Kudzoo
    • Ronut -> Rocky -> Rolly -> Rumbly -> Bouldren
    • Joltix -> Rabawatt -> Zabbit -> Volthare -> Teslare
    • Mavrik -> Slider -> Goose -> Jester -> Sundown
    • Bebit -> Gebit -> Cebit -> Obit
    • Bahamutt -> Wyr…

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  • Samurai Pizza Cat

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