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MrYokaiAndWatch902 MrYokaiAndWatch902 17 June 2019

Facts, Facts, Facts


There's human images in it but I literally cannot tell at all which was added and which was not. They were actually not lying on the evolution part but it somehow didn't make the cut as far as I can tell.

  • Start
    • Next to Blazoid is a big patchy monster which possibly was also Nombie's element. Blazoid is saying "I WANNA FIGHT!!".
  • Image One
    • On the top left is what could possibly be Nombie's original version.
    • Next to what looks like Nombie could POSSIBLY be Airstream or Steamix's pre-evolution judging to the fact it's a water globule.
    • On the top right (the third) is Volug. Not lots of differences if compared to icon.
    • Top-right corner looks like Ronut.
    • The bottom is mostly composed of Plant creatures. First o…

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MrYokaiAndWatch902 MrYokaiAndWatch902 12 September 2017

although this game is dead

I'm planning to revive it.

But different.

This time, it's going to be The Original game combined with Super Mario 3D World. AND POKEMON. For Pokemon, I mean, sometimes, when roaming around in fire or something else, you might encounter a monster.

  • 1 Well, let's do this!
    • 1.1 Common-type lines
    • 1.2 Uncommon-type lines
      • 1.2.1 Fire
      • 1.2.2 Water


Oh yeah, there's going to be three monsters per double type. One Common, One Uncommon, One Rare.

On Rock to Air, all Common-types have five stages.

  • Blazoid -> Kelvin -> Charlok -> Magmordus
  • Aquid -> Drizzlen -> Aqualynn -> Hydranne
  • Vinepup -> Sapler -> Vinegroth -> Kudzoo
  • Ronut -> Rocky -> Rolly -> Rumbly -> Bouldren
  • Joltix -> Rabawatt -> Zabbit -> Volthare -> Teslare
  • Mavrik -> …

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Samurai Pizza Cat Samurai Pizza Cat 23 September 2014

Amazing Battle Creatures Wiki - Things to Do

Amazing Battle Creatures Wiki is not made by, run by or associated with Glu Games Inc. It was made, is operated and gets updated by hardcore ABC players and fans like us all for the sake of players and fans like us. We are all simply fans of the game. Lots of people who use the wiki, particularly those just starting out are uncertain of where they fit in, are unsure of how they can participate. Here's what you can do to participate and contribute to the wiki!

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While it is all choice, decision, and situation, we highly recommend you please sign in and create a user name if you haven't already. Regi…

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