Amazing Battle Creatures Wiki

App Store Description

Build your best team and fight to the top of the rankings in Amazing Battle Creatures!

Welcome the International Creature League! It is your task as a creature trainer to build a team of amazing creatures and lead them to battle in elite tournaments as you vie to become the top trainer in all the land!

COMPETE IN PvP BATTLES ONLINE! Lead your team to victory in online PvP against other players around the world.

COLLECT AMAZING CREATURES! Collect and build a powerful squad of monsters! Choose from over 100 uniquely skilled creatures and find the best combination for your team!

DISCOVER NEW BREEDS! Combine any 2 of your creatures together to get powerful new hybrids with unique powers!

FIGHT EPIC BATTLES! Unleash devastating elemental attacks while experiencing exciting 3D combat in amazing environments.

TRAIN YOUR TEAM! Level up your creatures to discover new powers! Train to increase a creature’s abilities and unlock their true power!

About the Game

It is currently not available on the AppStore and if you have it it won’t because the newer devices can’t use it and if you have it and an older device it just gives you an error message :(